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What makes a perfect Corporate Finance advisor?

When getting ready for your next corporate transaction, you should be looking for a corporate finance advisor who will be able to assist with your specific transaction, whether you’re selling or buying a business, raising debt finance, raising venture capital finance, undergoing business valuations or due diligence investigations, business plans or financial models.

Your corporate finance advisor, or team, should take the burden out of the transaction and make the process as successful as possible.

At BHP Corporate Finance we specialise in every aspect of corporate finance. We manage deals, source investment, develop growth plans and execute countless mergers and acquisitions.

As a shareholder in Translink Corporate Finance, we are part of a fully integrated global network allowing us to work efficiently across industries and borders.

No matter what the deal or deliverable, one thing remains constant: our approach. We believe in clarity, objectivity and accountability. These are the values that have made us a successful advisory practice year after year and one whose clients come back to us time after time.

With our years of experience, we have put together a helpful guide to outline what you should look for in your corporate finance advisor.

Your corporate finance advisor should be a great negotiator, a team player, and a strategic thinker. They should have strong project management skills and be able to expand their personal style to all situations while possessing creativity to smoothly manage any potential issues that arise during the deal process. This also means that your advisor should stay calm and unemotional during all stages of the deal process, to take the stress away from all transactions and ensure it has the maximum chance of being successful.

As well as having all the skills required to efficiently complete your transaction your corporate finance advisor will also need to have good general technical skills as well as a strong knowledge of the nuances of your sector.

A good corporate finance advisor, or team, will have a strong network of connections on a local and global scale.

At BHP, we have strong personal connections with more than 600 experts in over 30 countries from around the world, especially key markets in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, through being a shareholder in Translink Corporate Finance.

This Network allows your advisor to get the right messages to the right people but also can provide a back channel of communication during more tricky parts of a deal.

Delivering a successful deal involves working with a huge range of people from specialist tax, legal and due diligence advisors on the corporate finance advisor’s side and the management and finance team, and any other advisors, on your side.

At BHP, our corporate finance advisors are a part of a much bigger team who support a wide range of deals with a partner-led philosophy with senior team members heavily involved throughout each transaction.

This is fundamental in getting deals done. In putting our arms around a transaction, we not only get to grips with the commercial and financial issues but, just as importantly, the emotional aspects too.

Deals typically take a lot of time and hard work to ensure that everything is done properly. It is therefore vital to work with a corporate finance advisor that you get on with. A strong personal relationship will mean you talk more often and are more open with one another, and any good advisor will then be able to use this knowledge to add more value during the process.


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