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Team of Specialists

Have you ever watched an American Football game, or indeed seen the warm up and thought about just how many players they have available to them?

At BHP Corporate Finance we love our sporting analogies, and so here is another one for you. I was watching the San Francisco 49ers (my team incidentally) in their play off match against the Carolina Panthers and it struck me that there was a number of parallels that could be drawn between BHP and an American Football team.

A football team has two core elements to it, the Offence and the Defence. However, every player in each of these teams performs a specific role, be it a running back, a tackler, wide receiver etc. They also have a number of ‘special teams’ who come onto the pitch to perform a small number of specific tasks, they are special as they are experts at what they do – indeed you could say that about the whole team.

The clever part is how all of these individuals with their specialist talents and skills are brought together to perform and win a game of football. This is especially true as the playoffs are now well and truly underway; the teams remaining in the post season are extremely skilful and well co-ordinated.

BHP operates in a similar manner. We have teams of specialists in their fields, whether it is corporate finance, tax structuring, employee incentives or  financial planning. The trick for us, and what sets us apart, is the ability to dovetail these services seamlessly in order to provide our clients with the best possible advice both personally and for their business.

We would love to talk to you about your business, whether it is facing challenges due to high growth or any other issue, we will make sure you and your team receives the highest quality advice from our team of specialists.